January 06, 2020
L. A. Remenicky - "Preacher's Redemption" - This is just 1 of 7 stories available in Sacrifice For Love (a contemporary romance). Pre-Order is up on Amazon - Click link to reserve your copy today. https://amzn.to/2rCX9VL Available January 28, 2020 Blurb: Crystal Jennings returned to Forest Springs with a secret, well, two secrets. Secret one – she was pregnant with her ex’s baby. Secret two – she had the proof that could bring her ex down for good. Laying low in her hometown, she only...
Kidney Disease · August 24, 2019
This is what #KidneyDisease Looks Like Well, it's been about 2 months since I started dialysis (I really meant to blog about this before now). It has required some life changes, such as a room dedicated to dialysis supplies, a machine that I'm hooked up to each night, a lovely peritoneal catheter, and a bunch of pills. So much fun (not). Every night I take 30 minutes or so to get everything ready and hook myself up for my nightly dialysis that runs for approximately 8 hours. My husband is in...
Kidney Disease · June 25, 2019
Just a short post to keep everyone updated on the continuing saga... After 7 days of training I'm all set to do my first full dialysis tonight. I'm confident I can do this with no problems. I will be doing Peritoneal Dialysis at night while I sleep (I hope I'll be able to sleep, lol). It will be an early night as the dialysis takes 8 hours and my first delivery of supplies will be here tomorrow morning between 6:30 and 8:30 am. Sigh. My next appointment with my nephrologist is tomorrow and I'm...
Kidney Disease · June 11, 2019
Welcome to my new normal. Catheter has been placed and I'm healing. I'm sore and it's hard to ignore the tube sticking out of me, I feel like a freak. I'm following my diet - the upside is that once i'm started on dialysis I can up my protein intake each day. Right now, I'm only allowed 50-60 grams of protein a day and that's it. A 4 ounce lean steak is 35 grams so it's been tough. And there's also the restrictions on potassium, sodium, and phosphorous just to make things interesting. We've...
Kidney Disease · May 28, 2019
My journey through dialysis and beyond
Writing · November 25, 2018
2019 and Beyond
July 22, 2018
Sneak peak at chapter 1 ~ has not been through editing and may change before final publication.
Reviews · March 24, 2018
Misdemeanor & Stuck Up Suit
January 05, 2018

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