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July 12, 2017


It's been a busy summer so far and there's still more to come. August will be and exciting month. First, the Fairfield Corners prequel novella, Loving Marie, will be published in an anthology to benefit the March of Dimes (pre-order links coming soon!). This anthology is scheduled to go live on August 1. And that's not all! I will be signing at the For The Love Of Books And Raleigh author signing on August 5. Hope to see you there!


Here's an exclusive excerpt from Loving Marie:

James stared at Marie as she pushed on the swinging door, glancing guiltily upwards when he heard Steve clear his throat.

“I know that look. Keep your hands off my sister, rookie.”

His mind whirled. Oh shit, way to piss of your training officer, dumbass. “I…yes, sir.”

“Glad we have that straightened out. Now, tell me more about this small town you’re from. Fairfield something?”

James chugged some ice water before answering. “Fairfield Corners. It’s about twenty minutes outside of Fort Wayne. It’s a nice little town, but nothing exciting ever happens there. That’s why I moved to Indianapolis.”

“Some days you’ll miss the quiet. It can get crazy here.”

“That’s what Reggie says even though she’s going to school in New York.”

“Reggie? Who’s that?” Steve asked. The scowl on his face made it plain what he was thinking.

“Shit, no, it’s not like that. She’s been my best friend for about fifteen years; she’s like a sister to me.” Gulping more water, he used a napkin to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

With a squeak, the door to the kitchen swung open as Marie pushed on it with her hip, her hands full of plates of food.

“Here you go, guys. Do you need ketchup for your fries, handsome?” she asked with a smile.


“No, thanks,” James mumbled as he looked down at his plate. If he met her eyes, he knew he would blush again. Her curves tied his tongue in knots. Just the thought of his hands anywhere near her had him gritting his teeth in order to keep his body under control. Sporting a woodie for his training officer’s sister was a sure way to get himself fired. Reciting basketball stats in his head helped him calm down.



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