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Lucky Valentine Anthology

Arrows are flying in every direction this Valentine’s Day!
No one’s immune to an unexpected poke in the heart, whether Cupid’s aim seems true or a little off target. Finding love again after loss, getting a second chance with an old flame, discovering opposites really can attract, realizing a friend or an enemy is really a true love… Find all your favorite tropes in this collection of contemporary romance short stories.
Happily-ever-after will find a way, even for those who have never before been lucky in love!

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EVERYDAY HEROES is a limited edition collection of hero romance novellas and series starters where every story comes with high stakes, a swoon worthy hero, and a feisty heroine.

    These heroes will leave you wanting more.

    Grab SAVED BY THE EVERYDAY HERO to meet the authors of this collection and fill your eReader with happy ever afters to leave you feeling safe and sound in these swoon worthy heroes arms.

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The Fairfield Corners Series is Complete!

The epic conclusion the the Fairfield Corners Series


Violet Serenade, Fairfield Corners Book 5 is live!

Violet Miller has always known she was different. Her very first memories were full of swirling colors instead of music, and then of having to suppress that knowledge. Only her family could be trusted with her secret—until the day he arrived.

From the moment Dane McWilliams set eyes on Vi, he knew she was special. Scared, alone, and only seven years old, he lost himself in her deep blue eyes and finally knew safety. For eleven years she was his heart, his home, and on the day he left for basic training he started counting the days until he could return to her.

And then his letters went unanswered.


It's been seven years since Vi last set eyes on Dane. Seven years of avoidance and heartache. She's no longer the girl he left behind—she's all grown up and has returned to Fairfield Corners with a fiancé in tow. Resigned to a lackluster friendship, Dane's hopes and dreams are shattered. But when an ancient evil returns to wreak havoc on their lives, the truth of Vi's ability is revealed, and with it, the realization that her powers are not the only thing she's kept hidden from Dane.

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